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When you have something that brings a real emotion, that's the power of cinema.

- David Lynch.


Rosso Films International is a dynamic film production company with headquarters in Montreal, Canada. It produces shorts & feature films throughout Canada and Europe.

Its Board of Directors include Actor + Director Stefano Da Fre (Taking Woodstock, CBS Blue Bloods, American Fango), Actor + Director Laura Pellegrini (In Parallel... We've Been Here Before, Dreaming in the Dark), and Associate Producer Brandon Delosreyes, and Coordinating Producer Nolan Kelly.

Rosso Films International's production credits include: In Parallel ... , We've Been Here Before, Tu Me Manques, Quisá Se Te Olvidó, Line of Descent, The Girl Who Cannot Speak, The Moon in Deep Winter, among many others, as well as the upcoming feature film Dreaming in the Dark.

Dreaming in the Dark tells the powerful story of Daniel, a dejected blind painter whose fantasy muse comes to life and guides him through the journey of a lifetime.

Photography is truth. The cinema is truth twenty-four times per second.

-Jean Luc Godard

Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.

-Robert Altman


RFI's mission statement is to make films about good people at odds with their own humanity, trying to find meaning and purpose in their lives.